This term we are practising skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s for maths. This is going to help us to learn multiplication strategies. We need to be able to do this forwards and backwards, starting from any number. On the Numeracy page are some activities and games to practise skip counting.


We are going to be learning about the Olympic games which will be held in London this year. To help us to understand what will be happening we can explore this great website.

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In maths we talked about telling the time and the hour and minute hands. We practised making o'clock and half past times.
We might need to do some practise at home too. Here are some websites that might help us

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We are learning about 'Sustainability' and what it means about us. Through ideas about water we are developing the concept in more depth.
We have done some fun experiments about freezing water, and finding out what things mix with water. We discovered that oil and sunscreen do not mix with water. This led us to a discussion about what happens when a ship like the Rena is damaged and oil spills into the sea.
After we had felt the oil on our fingers we decided that it must feel pretty yuck to be a seabird and have oil all through your feathers and in your eyes and beak!!

Term 1 2012
Dear Parents and Whanau
This week in maths we have been exploring number patters by looking at the poem "Ten in the Bed"
We have been finding out how many eyes there would be if there were 2, 3, 4, etc children in bed. This is helping us to practice counting in 2's. Some of us are getting very good at this! We enjoyed this You tube clip which is about counting in 2's.

At lunchtime Ryenn found a birds nest. It wasn't in a tree though and he found it sitting on the ground. When he showed Room 21 we wondered what sort of bird had made it. Some of us thought it might have been a kiwi, but then we decided that it probably wasn't because kiwi's live in the bush not at schools.
It is a very beautiful nest and we think that a very clever bird made it. Have a look and see what you think.


Mrs Neish found this video of a bird making a nest. Watch it and see how they do such a tricky job with no hands!